Key-safe by Maverick Secure

 The ultimate security accessory for ocean goers and beach users alike; secure your keys with this innovative storage solution.

The product comprises of a high strength zinc-alloy body along with a hardened steel shackle, offering extra resistance from attempts to tamper or compromise the safe. The four-digit code is easy to set up and an easy digit length to remember. The internal storage space of the key-safe safe itself is reasonably large, as per measurement specifications below, which makes it adequate to store an electric key chain with multiple keys.

Product specifications:
Internal storage volume - 35mm x 65mm x 85mm
External shipping size - 50mm x 95mm x 125mm
Gross weight - 0.7kg

The hardened steel shackle that sits on top of the key safe has been lined with a protective rubber outer lining to prevent scratching, which makes this appropriate for use on both cars handles as well as mounts located under vehicles and towbars.

Invest in your security and equip yourself with a Maverick key-safe today!

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