Air Maverick Stealth Rental Bond

Maverick SUP

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As per contract:


Herby both parties, Fraser Foster (Maverick SUP Co.) and Maurice Kasprowsky, confirm that Maurice Kasprowsky will pay a security deposit at the amount of 350 NZD to Fraser Foster as part of a verbal loaning agreement of an “AIRMAVERICK STEALTH INFLATABLE SUP PACKAGE”.

Fraser Foster herby confirms that a fully functioning and in good condition “AIRMAVERICK STEALTH INFLATABLE SUP PACKAGE” is being delivered to Maurice Kasprowsky. Further, the security deposit will be returned to Maurice Kasprowsky at the full amount of 350 NZD, when Maurice Kasprowsky returns the “AIRMAVERICK STEALTH INFLATABLE SUP PACKAGE” in good condition with expected wear and tear due to usage of the product.

The security deposit is being taken to ensure the return of the “AIRMAVERICK STEALTH INFLATABLE SUP PACKAGE” in an expected condition. If this is not the case Fraser Foster may keep parts or the full deposit.

The loaning period begins on the 9th of September 2020 and Maurice Kasprowsky is expected to have returned the “AIRMAVERICK STEALTH INFLATABLE SUP PACKAGE” by the 31st of December 2020.


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