AirMaverick Stealth Inflatable SUP Package

Sweet As Summer Sale!!

A swiss army knife Paddle Board introduction package - good for almost any rider and appropriate for almost any application. Get out on the open water and find your cloud 9 with this exclusive membership to the worlds fastest-growing adventure past-time. Throw your shakas up and get out paddling today with AirMaverick!

Refer to information below for the two board size options: 

Standard ($1,150)  or  XL ($1,190)


The AirMaverick Stealth embodies the latest generation in rigid inflatable tech; integrating military grade PVC with a High-density Japanese fusion cross-stitch inner. In short, our R&D team has produced a board capable of maintaining more rigidity at any given pressure, giving you “more paddle for less pump”.

The board design provides a great canvas for all skill levels and caters to a wide variety of applications, from exploring local beaches and lakes to more technical applications like yoga, surfing or fishing. Its light and portable in design with a rapid twin-action pump that makes assembly a breeze. There are two size options available that ensure we can cater for your unique needs, with both offering similar levels of superior performance on the water. 

The AirMaverick Stealth starter package was carefully crafted and assembled in order to ensure you would receive everything necessary to get you on the water. The package includes a paddleboard, travel bag, twin action pump, collapsible paddle, removeable box fin, 10ft recoil leash and repair kit.

Please ensure you read the size chart below for Standard or XL specification guidance.

Two Sizes

Standard - Rider

We recommend the Standard size board option for novice paddlers that weigh under 90kg or experienced paddlers that weigh under 100kg. Although it’s an all-round board that can support all general SUP applications, we feel it provides superior surfing performance compared to the XL size option, given that it's lower in volume, sllighter and more agile.

Ideal applications: General Adventure & Surfing


XL - Rider

We recommend the XL size board option for novice paddlers that desire a platform capable of holding upto 130 kg in weight or for more experienced paddlers that want the ability to load upto 140 kg. The higher volume nature of this board size provides superior stability, which we feel is ideal for yoga, fishing or even doubling with your dog.

Ideal applications: General Adventure, Yoga & Fishing

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We’re so confident in our paddle boards that we can’t think of any better way to share that confidence with you than to put our money where our mouth is and say if you aren’t stoked, return it for a full replacement.

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