Stealth Shark Distortion (TM)

At Maverick we have employed a new optically distorting anti-shark graphic plan on the underside of our new stealth series range of boards. Research conducted by the University of Western Australia, Perth, confirmed that light and dark contrasting patterns create a confusing optical illusion, where by sharks perceive fragmented shades or colours as multiple objects rather than one single object. This is due to the limited capability of sharks' retina in detecting various colour spectrums. Hence, the optical message that is transmitted through a sharks neural pathway on siting such a pattern is that of a smaller and less enticing prey. Furthermore, given the essential feature that sharks play in the wider marine ecosystem it is with great pleasure that we introduce this tecnhology to the world of Paddle Boarding. Sharks need not be feared, as negative stigmas and prejudices have already created a great threat to their populations. Instead we prefer to approach theirĀ  habitats with a heightened sense of awareness and respect, using precautionary measures such as our Stealth Shark Distortion (TM) technology.