Social Enterprise Collabs

Maverick recently collaborated with social-enterprises "Eat less plastic" and "Love the sea" in an effort to expand research on microplastic data across the Pacific Ocean. In a recent voyage the vessel M/Y Today sailed in a criss-cross fashion up and down the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Auckland - via Hawaii and many other smaller Island nations. Valuable research was attained by a team of marine biologists aboard with alarmingly high test samples of micro plastic recorded in some of the most remote regions of the Pacific Ocean; 100s of kms from any land. The data will be used to fuel studies necessary for further regulatory change across the world in order to curb this ever growing issue. Noteworthy, however, is that plastic pollution on the surface of the ocean is just the tip of the iceberg, and that as older plastic pollution breaks down and sinks then the problem becomes much more far reaching. An issue that is likely to have adverse implications on our marine food chain; and those of you that enjoy fish and chips.