Shark Armor ABS SUP boards

At Maverick SUP Co., we do things different.  With that in mind, we've unleashed our SharkArmor series.  In our quest to bring the highest grade boards through constant innovation, we've achieved something truly special.  Incredibly strong boards inspired by beautiful Maori designs.  

Our new line of SharkArmor boards are the toughest boards we've ever made.


Stand Up For Change


The skins of our SharkArmor boards are made from recycled ABS plastic, reforged to be beautiful, durable SUPs.

We at Maverick SUP Co. believe that micro plastics in the ocean are one of the leading causes for a decrease in marine life.  We don't like that.  That is why we donate 10% of net profits from the sale of each SharkArmor board to support The Ocean Clean Up Project.  The largest scale and most viable ocean plastic clean up project in the world.