About Us

Maverick is an Anglo-Kiwi enterprise. We encapsulate the latest in sustainability thinking from London to Auckland, and everywhere in between. Our design team's focus is Pacific Ocean ergonomics, and we aim to capture the essence of social responsibility, both in our graphic design and sustainable compound construction.

We run a factory to door step distribution model so as to save you the wasteful component of shop rent and unproductive labour factored into the prices of retail stores. Here at Maverick we respect the value of a dollar and run our operations accordingly. This allows us to pass on our cost savings to you, our main stakeholder as the customer. In fact we're able to save so much by eliminating all the unnecessary middle-men mess that we offer FREE SHIPPING on all product sales in both New Zealand and the UK..

We also eliminate a lot of unnecessary carbon emissions by reducing the number of times our boards are freighted from one wholesaler to the next. That means a reduced carbon footprint with all Maverick products and a better overall social impact in fighting climate change. 



No faces behind corporate masks, just a small team with an agenda to better the world.