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At the Maverick SUP Co we've taken a radical new approach to the paddle boarding industry

Shark Armour Series
100% Recycled Plastic
Great ENTRY level SUP, yet technical enough in shape to keep intermediate to advanced paddlers challenged. Highly durable with outer shark armour layer! Great for Kiwi paddling!
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100% Recycled

Sustainability before profit

Levering off a revolutionary new production technique our 2019 "SHARK ARMOUR" range are made using 100% recycled virgin ABS plastic. Creating a more sustainable solution for the Paddle Board Industry.

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New Distribution Model

At Maverick SUP Co. we have cut out the retailer in between to pass the savings onto our customers, YOU!! Similar to the distribution model of AMAZON.COM or JD.CN we offer a factory to door step service. Economising your purchase experience.

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ALL BOARDS have been slashed down from 15% to 30%
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